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Private tour to Jermuk and Shaki waterfalls

Jermuk waterfall has 72 m height and spills into Arpa river. As is the case with many Armenian natural sites, this one inspired a folktale. According to the legend the foaming water is the hair of a beautiful princess whose father cursed her to turn into a mermaid if she tried to see her shepherd lover. Unable to stay away from her beloved, the princess tossed her hair into the gorge, which turned into a waterfall. Hence another name for a waterfall is Mermaid hair.

Shaki Waterfall is a waterfall in Armenia, with a height of 18 m. It is located in Syunik Province. It is considered to be one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Armenia.

According to the legend a beautiful girl called Shake fell from the cliff, refusing to obey the will of the conquerors. While falling, the girl’s dress opened in the wind and turned into a waterfall. Later the waterfall was named after her - Shaki.


Number of persons Price without a guide Price with a guide
1-3 55000 ֏ 75,000 ֏
4-7 78,000 ֏ 99,000 ֏
8-17 95,000 ֏ 125,000 ֏

Payment: Cash
Duration: 11-12 hours
Pick up and drop off at your hotel

Please note, that the prices of the tours with guide include Armenian, Russian or English-speaking guide service.

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