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Private tour to Garni, Geghard, Lake Sevan

During this trip will visit the pagan temple Garni - the only monument connecting with the era of paganism and Hellenism, dedicated to the sun god Mithra. Was built in the 1st century AD. On the way you can admire the

The next destination of the tour will be the Monastery Geghard, which  was built in the 4th century by The First Armenian Catholicos - Gregory the Illuminator. Initially it was called Airivank (cave monastery), then was renamed Geghard, which means <>. The name of the monastery originates from the spear of the Roman soldier who pierced the body of Jesus Christ. 

The last stop will be one of the most prominent examples of medieval Armenian architecture – Sevanavank Monastery. It was founded in 874 AD by princess Mariam. The church buildings were constructed from black tuff, which probably gave the monastery its name Sevanavank - “the Black Monastery”.


Number of persons Price without a guide Price with a guide
1-3 37,000 ֏ 60,000 ֏
4-7 56,000 ֏ 83,000 ֏
8-17 79,000 ֏ 110,000 ֏

Payment: Cash
Duration: 7-8 hours

Please note, that the prices of the tours with guide include Armenian, Russian or English-speaking guide service.

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