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Private Tour To Echmiadzin, St.Hripsime, St.Gayane, Zvartnots

Echmiadzin is considered to be the spiritual center of all Armenians! The word itself means a place where “the only begotten son of the God descended”.  This tour includes the visiting of St. Hripsime church, which was built on the sepulcher of a Christian nun Hripsime who fled from the Roman Empire and was killed in Armenia. This amazing building has stood upright from the day of its construction since 618 A.D, making it one of the oldest standing churches in the world. 5 minutes drive away will be the next stop: the 7th century church of St. Gayane.  Gayane was the nanny of Hripsime, and shared Hripsime’s tragic fate.

You will also be able to observe the Holy Echmiadzin – the world’s first Christian Cathedral built in 301-304. As the legend says, Jesus Christ descended on the same spot where the Dissention Altar stands today, where Gregory the Illuminator ordered to build the church.

The final stop of the tour is another beautiful 7th century temple Zvartnots. All the mentioned churches are  included in the UNESCO heritage list.


Number of persons Price without a guide Price with a guide
1-3 15,000 ֏ 30,000 ֏
4-7 28,000 ֏ 45,000 ֏
8-17 50,000 ֏ 69,000 ֏

Payment: Cash
Duration: 3-4 hours

Please note, that the prices of the tours with guide include Armenian, Russian or English-speaking guide service.

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